HARMOS is a unique concept in Europe, which brings together the best artists of some of the most prestigious Music schools in Europe and in the world.  

HARMOS festival 2019 fully dedicated to Chamber Music celebrates its 13th anniversary with several concerts at Casa da Música, several other venues in Porto and in the HARMOS cities. This year we will have concerts in Barcelos, Braga, Famalicão, Mondim de Basto and Santa Maria da Feira which helps us to achieve the important objective of reaching a wider and more diverse territory.  

HARMOS is also a place for masterclasses, for the promotion of the creation and musical edition and for the intercultural exchange. 

The healthy coexistence between what has already been done and what is still to come, the confrontation between tradition and contemporaneity, confers an identity to the project making HARMOS concept a cultural engine in all contexts in which is present. 

HARMOS aims to be always an open and flexible project to become even more appealing to its public promoting chamber music as an intimate and exciting art form. 

With a solid and sustained path, it has been recognized as a reference festival, nationally and internationally, and is supported by an important consortium of partners.  

HARMOS 2019 is a festival in cooperation with the 1st edition of ECAL2019 (European Chamber Music Academy – Leipzig) organized by the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig (HMTL) and is one of the outcomes of a long and sustained partnership between ESMAE and HMTL. 

HARMOS is organized by ESMAE from the Porto’s Polytechnic and has the support of a wide network of Artistic higher education institutions worldwide.